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Space Arm Micron Space Arm Space Arm Plus Space Arm Explorer

Surveyor Space Arms- Portable CMM & 3D Scanner Series Laser Design's Space Arm series successfully handles your most demanding inspection and reverse engineering applications.  The Space Micron is the only portable arm as accurate as a stationary CMM!

Surveyor Space ArmFeatures:

  • Is a high accuracy portable arm offered at a competitive price
  • Fast, flexible and easy to use
  • Made by Tomelleri Engineering and distributed by Laser Design Inc.

Technical Specs:
  • Utilizes Laser Design's SLP Laser Probe which is available with scanning speeds of up to 50,000 coordinate points per second.
  • Probes come in three laser line lengths from 1.5" (33mm) to 10" (250mm) which allow for scanning small highly detailed parts as well as very large parts with accuracy to +/- 0.0020".

Four Space Arm Versions Available:
  • Space Arm Micron - 3D Laser with 5 and 6 axes configurations. These bridge the gap to compete with stationary CMM's costing twice as much! Accuracy to +/- 0.008mm ( 0.00035) Touch Probe, 0.0022mm (0.00085).
  • Space Arm - an economical solution, but still holds accuracy.
  • Space Arm Plus - 6 and 7 axis arm, lighter and more accurate than its competitors. Features an electromagnetic brake to prevent arm flipping.
  • Space Arm Explorer - 6 axis arm for very large work volumes. Superior alternative to a Laser Tracker with accuracy to 0.0075".

  • The Space Arm System offers bundled software from the world's leading scan data processing software providers that easily process the 3D scan data for inspection reports or reverse engineering applications.
  • Scan directly into Geomagic, Rapidform, and PolyWorks.
  • Probing software supported includes: Delcam PowerINSPECT and CMM Manager Meterologic.
  • Tight integration with data processing software makes the Space Arm scanning technology and data processing software the most elegant and easy to use system on the market.

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