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Operating lean in today's manufacturing environment is the key to success.  Streamlining your reporting can be a big help.

Meeting customer reporting requirements can be a real struggle, and if you're collecting that data manually it can cost you thousands of dollars a year.

With GageStation from Prolink, data is collected in a rapid and accurate manner.  Excel templates are automatically populated upon completion of the inspection job.

GageStation is a full-featured data collection software for use with hand-held gages.  The software allows inspectors to enter measurement data by keyboard or through a wired or wireless connection to one or more gages.  By using GageStation, you can identify and isolate out-of-conformance parts or features.

The best part is, you can try GageStation free - click here to download a free trial copy of GageStation.

GageStation reporting allows you to print the following reports manually or automatically without operator intervention:

  • First Article - 1 Piece
  • First Article - 5 Piece
  • Raw Data Report
  • Stat Summary
  • Plot Report
  • Visual Part Report
  • Single-Part Gage Report (P/T Ratio)
  • Multi-Part Gage Report (P/T Ratio)
  • Full Gage R&R (ANOVA or Range method)
  • Gage R&R Single Sheet MSA
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Audit Report

Output Formats:

  • PDF (signed electronic) 
  • Rich Text Format (RTF)
  • Excel
  • Excel Table
  • XML 
  • HTML
  • Metafile (EMF) Enhanced
  • Multi-MIME HTML
  • Bitmap (BMP)
  • TIFF
  • Text

Email Reports:
You can also manually or automatically attach your reports to an email message and let GageStation notify you when your process goes out of control or tolerance, or below configurable limits.

If you are currently using Minitab, you know Minitab is not designed to be a realtime SPC system.  Either manual data entry or additional software is required for realtime data collection.  Break away from additional steps with GageStation from Prolink.

Try it today free - click HERE to download a free trial copy of GageStation.

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