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For fast quotes, call or email Customer Support.  We sell all brands – Mitutoyo, Tesa Technology/Brown & Sharpe, Starrett, Mahr Federal, CDI, SPI, Fowler, Dyer and many others.

Our extremely knowledgeable sale associates can offer insight on brand durability, functionality and flexibility.

NTPI will honor the factory warranty in-house for gages purchased from NTPI – this means that NTPI will provide warranty repair or replacement from our facility.

Training is included on any gaging purchased from NTPI.

Call or email for a discounted quote on your hand tools! 


Helmel CMMs – Made in USA, Sold and Serviced in Texas!

The only truly American Coordinate Measuring Machine Manufacturer since 1973

Sold, Supported and Serviced in Texas!

Superior engineering and workmanship result in durable inspection products that withstand the harshest shop environments.

Affordable, automatic solution for the shop floor, a high accuracy, small part, bench top CMM.

Why purchase a Helmel CMM from NTPI?

We’re here for you with:

  • Local training and mentoring
  • Experienced application engineers on staff
  • Programming solutions
  • Programming assistance and troubleshooting
  • Contract programming
  • Support after the sale

Reporting: GageStation reporting allows you to print the following reports manually or automatically without operator intervention:

  • First Article – 1 Piece
  • First Article – 5 Piece
  • Raw Data Report
  • Stat Summary
  • Plot Report
  • Visual Part Report
  • Single-Part Gage Report (P/T Ratio)
  • Multi-Part Gage Report (P/T Ratio)
  • Full Gage R&R (ANOVA or Range method)
  • Gage R&R Single Sheet MSA
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Audit Report

Output Formats:

  • PDF (signed electronic) 
  • Rich Text Format (RTF)
  • Excel
  • Excel Table
  • XML 
  • HTML
  • Metafile (EMF) Enhanced
  • Multi-MIME HTML
  • Bitmap (BMP)
  • TIFF
  • Text


You can also manually or automatically attach your reports to an email message and let GageStation notify you when your process goes out of control or tolerance, or below configurable limits.


If you are currently using Minitab, you know Minitab is not designed to be a realtime SPC system.  Either manual data entry or additional software is required for realtime data collection.  Break away from additional steps with GageStation from Prolink.


American Precision

Increase productivity with Starrett’s line of Optical and Vision measuring systems.

Whether you need an Optical Comparator for simple part inspection or rapid video measuring capabilities, Starrett has the solution.

Optical Comparators and Video Measurement systems are easy to use, yet have excellent capacity to satisfy complex measuring requirements.

Optical Comparator features:

  • 16″ to 30″ screen sizes
  • Superior optics for superior imaging
  • Digital protractor with 1′ resolution
  • Twin Fiber Optic Surface Illumination
  • Optional CNC control for programmability
  • Optinal tablet touch screen measurments

Video Measurement features:

  • Multi-sensor
  • Floor-standing, heavy granite base
  • Balanced linear motors on all three axes
  • Precision high-resolution scales onall three axes
  • Optional Renishaw contact probe and/or laser scanner
  • Optional touch screen measurement

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